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25 % VOL

Karonis' Masticha Liqueur is produced by distilling "tears" of the Masticha tree of Chios without any added flavourings (essence or masticha oil).

It has a fine bouquet and has a full and rich flavour with an aftertaste that lasts.

Karonis' Masticha Liqueur has been judged and awarded from 1889 in the Olympian Exhibition at the Zappeio in Athens. It contains 25% vol. alcohol.


 Available in bottles of 0,5-5 litres




(Marigo's liqueur)

25 % VOL

Karonis' Cherry Liqueur is unique and made from excellent quality cherries from Arcadia.

It has no additives and it's colour and taste are all natural.

It has a rich red colour and rich aroma with a strong taste of cherries leaving an aftertaste that lasts.

It constitues the taste and love of Margio Karoni (wife of the founder Yiannis Karonis and goddaughter of the brave Kolokotroni).

She used to make the recipe for her own personal use at home and to serve to guests and it later became part of the product line that Karonis Distilleries offered.

Produced in limited quantities and contains 25% vol. alcohol


Available in bottles of 0,5 litres.


Karonis Distillery, Palamidi Castle Area, Nafplio 21100


Tel.: (0030) 2752 0 24968


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